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Adaptive PE through AnewVista Community Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for Adaptive PE SignUp through AnewVista Community Services

Adaptivce PE Useful Links - To Attend Class, Class Descriptions, Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adaptive PE?  

Adaptive Physical Education is a fitness and wellness program designed for adults of all ability levels, particularly seniors and boomers, with physical disabilities or health limitations. 

Why should I join from AnewVista Community Services?
By joining Adaptive PE through AnewVista Community Services, you automatically get access to tech classes and tech support.
How much does Adaptive PE membership cost?  
$45 per month.

If I am not a AnewVista Community Services member what do I need to do to sign-up for Adaptive PE?
Sign-up on AnewVista Community Services

If I am a AnewVista Community Services member what do I need to do to sign-up for Adaptive PE?
Go to the Instructions below.

What is the cancellation policy?
7 days, Email to

When do I get billed?
AnewVista Community Services will deduct from your prepaid balance every month or send you a recurring invoice.

How do I pay for Adaptive PE membership?
Using AnewVista Community Services Digital Wallet. You pay to AnewVista Community Services for Adaptive PE membership.
OR we can send you a monthly recurring invoice.

Do I have to have a special plan to signup?
NO, all AnewVista Community Services members can signup.​

Where can I find more information about Adaptive PE?
Go to

Have more questions? Email to

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Instructions for Adaptive PE Sign-up
AnewVista Community Services

  1. Login to

  2. Go to Lifestyle --> Fitness by Adaptive PE, click "SIGN UP Adaptive PE" and fill the form and Submit Order. 

  3. Once You submit the form look for an email from AnewVista Community Services. The email will give instructions to create an account on Adaptive PE (Note: You do not pay to Adaptive PE) 

  4. On Adaptive PE website, click the 'Get Started' Fill the Forms 1, 2 & 3.

  5. Once you have filled the forms, forward the confirmation email from Adaptive PE to for the proof within 48 hours. (this step informs us with the exact date of your signup)

  6. We will email the recurring invoice of $45 per month


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Adaptive PE Useful Links

Contact:  Barabara McCarthy

Program Manager - Adaptive PE

Email:              Phone: (650) 368-7732 

Attend Adaptive PE Classes

Schedule of  Adaptive PE Classes


Description of Classes

Useful Links
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