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AnewVista's Story

Equal access to Information & Resources -- Enhancing Seniors’ Quality of Life

Our mission

  • Address the technology building blocks that allow for confidence and competence.

  • ​Provide consistent, free, and accessible classes offering relatable topics for seniors.

  • Foster a safe & welcoming environment; build community; and, provide easy regular access to experts.

What makes us different understands the barriers to Technology for Seniors


*  We prove every week that everyone has the ability to learn.

*  We combine classes, trusted support, and consistency that allows members to embark on their learning journey.

*  We eliminate their fear and ignite their curiosity so confidence has time to build.

Our approach

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Our team

Governing board members

Vada Dean - Board Photo

Vada Dean

Co-founder & Vice President

Eric Gee - Board Photo

Eric Gee

Co-founder & Treasurer

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