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What Seniors Say about
AnewVista Community Services

“Thank you for giving me smarts about technology and all the offerings available. Not being aware of all that is out there or all the code words, makes one feel inferior in some cases. It can make you feel isolated and uncomfortable. I am feeling empowered with your knowledge transfer to my brain! I have realized I am not alone in my quest for knowledge”

- Rita

AnewVista offers a service to the community that we did not find anywhere else.

When AnewVista started offering classes, my husband and I signed up.  We have learned so much from the excellent classes they offer, which focus on issues and subjects that are relevant to living in today’s fast changing world.  Many of the classes address issues relating to using our computers and cell phones and the technology in our homes, which are critical in keeping us connected and relevant.

- Barbara

Although the range in computer knowledge between class participants is wide, the instructors skillfully manage to serve us all.  The lessons are systematic and well-paced.  No questions are ever too basic; no response is ever rushed.  The environment created is outstanding for successful learning.

The three weekly zoom classes have become a priority in my week, around which other activities are scheduled.  I surely hope this program will continue to be available well into the future, for seniors of the community.

- Corinne

The staff is very knowledgeable and patient with all of us! Great format and allowing us to

ask questions, staff does not make us feel dumb. Very clear answers Also, I feel that I learn something new from every class and I can share the information with my

friends and refer them to join the

AnewVista classes.”

- Wilma

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